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We are taking Pre-Orders for the All New Garrett Vortex.  There is currently no set date for delivery.  Garrett said that these will begin shipping to distributors and dealers mid July.  We will do everything that we possibly can to expedite your order.  We do not require you to pay upfront and you will not be charged until your Metal Detector is ready to ship. You can cancel your pre-order at anytime before it ships. 

Update from Garrett Received on 6-21-2024 

Initial Shipments
Garrett expects first Vortex units to begin shipping during the month of July. Due to the anticipated volume, Garrett appreciates your understanding that orders may take longer than normal to be fully fulfilled.

Garrett will initially ship the flagship Vortex model, VX9, which includes the greatest detection power and full set of features. These shipments will then be followed by VX7 and VX 5 models.



The Professional’s model. Full three-tiered MD-MF Target ID display (including two ferrous scales to help identify unwanted iron trash). Includes Multi-Salt and additional frequency choices. Additional Recovery Speed controls. FAST Mode for competition hunts and high-trash search areas. THIN COINS Mode for detecting fine, lower conductive coins such as hammered silver and thin gold coins.



When operating in Multi-Frequency, the VX9’s Target ID system displays a non-ferrous scale and two ferrous scales to help identify unwanted iron trash. Complex targets may indicate on both scales simultaneously.

More target information . . . so you can make better dig decisions!


Designed for use in trashy areas, where abundant trash can mask adjacent coins. Also ideal for use in competition hunts. Includes fast recovery speed and reduced iron volume.


Choose from three recovery speeds. Increased recovery/reactivity speed helps you more clearly distinguish adjacent targets. A great benefit for competition hunts and for hunt sites filled with metallic trash that might otherwise mask good targets.


Utilize the power of MD-MF Technology and Multi-Salt operation. Smooth operation and deep Target ID accuracy along wet salt beaches and in the surf. Fully submersible to 16 feet.


Built-in Z-Lynk wireless technology means you can search without cords attached to your detector.

Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk headphones and other Z-Lynk accessories sold separately


Choose from five powerful single frequencies (5 kHz, 9 kHz, 13 kHz, 18 kHz, or 25 kHz) or search with one of two Vortex simultaneous Multi-Frequency options (the traditional Multi or Multi-Frequency Salt for saltwater beach use).

SEARCH MODE VERSATILITY - Choose from 7 options:

Thin Coins Mode
Fast Mode
Zero Discrimination
Beach Mode
Standard Mode (ideal for hunting relics, jewelry, and most international coins)
US Coins Mode
Custom Mode


Iron Volume allows you to decrease the volume of ferrous (iron) targets, while the volume of non-ferrous targets remains at normal level. Experienced treasure hunters often like hearing all targets, but will appreciate the option to decrease the volume of undesired items. Eight adjustment levels.


Compacts to 24.75" (62.86 cm) and extends to 56.75" (144.14cm)
Weight: 3 lbs. (1.38 kg) with coil cover installed.


The world’s first fully upgradeable waterproof detector series! As your skills increase, you can opt to convert your VX-5 to a VX-7 or VX-9 model with software updates. Each Vortex model upgrade includes additional operating frequencies, more advanced features, and more power!


Vortex VX5 Vortex VX7 Vortex VX9
Target ID Scale(s) One 0-99 Target ID 2-tier Target ID Scales 3-tier Target ID Scales
Frequencies Two: Multi-Frequency (Multi) and 13 kHz Four: Multi, 5 kHz, 13 kHz, Multi Salt Seven: Multi, Multi-Salt, 5 kHz, 9 kHz, 13 kHz, 18 kHz, 25 kHz
Search Modes Included Four: Zero, Standard, US Coins, Custom Five: Zero, Standard, US Coins, Beach, Custom Seven: Zero, Standard, US Coins, Thin Coins, Custom, Beach, Fast
Variable Recovery Speed No Yes: 2 settings Yes: 3 settings
Submersible to 16 feet (5m) 16 feet (5m) 16 feet (5m)
Z-Lynk Wireless enabled No Yes Yes
Increased sensitivity/depth No Yes Yes
Number of ID Tones 3 5 5
Iron Volume No Yes Yes
Pinpoint Mode Yes Yes Yes
Iron Audio Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Dimensional Multi-Freq. Yes Yes Yes
Ground Balance Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Shift (EMI reduction) Yes Yes Yes
Volume control Yes Yes Yes
LCD Backlight Yes Yes Yes
Detector Length 24.75" to 56.75" 24.75" to 56.75" 24.75" to 56.75"
Weight 2.9 lbs. without coil; 3.05 lbs. with cover installed 2.9 lbs. without coil; 3.05 lbs. with cover installed 2.9 lbs. without coil; 3.05 lbs. with cover installed
Standard Coil Included 8.5" x 11" DD Raider 8.5" x 11" DD Raider 8.5" x 11" DD Raider
Updateable / Upgradeable Yes Yes Yes

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