My Name is Ryan McCarty and I am the owner of Metal Detecting Shop. We are based out of Forney, Texas about 20 miles East of Dallas. The above picture is me out detecting a civil war battle area on a private permission in Mississippi.  One of my favorite places to detect!  

  I have been detecting for 30 years and have not found a hobby that I obsess over more.  The pure excitement of what could be in the next hole is very addicting and finding history buried in the ground is exciting.

   One thing that I noticed through the years of detecting and buying many different Metal Detectors is that most of the retailers of Metal Detectors lure you in with cheap "FREE" accessories that break or package accessories together and price them at full price but make it seem like you are getting a deal.  These practices to me are not customer service and we will never stoop to that level. 

   Our policies are the most customer friendly in the industry.  We want you to feel safe and secure in your purchase of your new metal detector, and this is the main reason we give a 60 day return policy on purchases and pay for return shipping.  

  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Check out our Google Reviews Below and some pics of my favorite finds. or 214-888-6598


                  1852 Silver 3 cent piece "Trime" found in Natchez, Mississippi.  I jumped around and hollered like a little kid on Christmas morning after finding this coin.  I never thought I would find one of these.  

Repousse or pop out coin.  Someone took a Mercury dime and turned it into a stick pin to wear as jewelry.  I found this one in Terrell, Texas. 
This was the first civil war lead I ever found.  Found in the front yard of an 1840's house in Natchez, Mississippi.