XP DEUS II WS6 MASTER Detector - 22 FMF Coil (9"), WS6


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All the performance of the DEUS II, in its lightest and most compact configuration. Once the coil, WS6 module, headphones and pinpointer are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency using the XP patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the coil are quickly transmitted to the headphones without any delay, giving the WS6 MASTER unparalleled speed and accuracy. The WS6 MASTER performs extremely well in all terrain and conditions. As good on land as on the beach thanks to the FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology.

Choose the Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency programs or between 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz.

The above graphic Illustrates the sensitivity and the iron discrimination capability depending on frequency and the advantage of Fast Multi Frequency programs covering a large spectrum of targets. This is only a basic schematic which can vary depending the programs and real terrain conditions.


  • FMF®: Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency or 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz

  • All terrain: high performance on land and on the beach

  • Accurate in depth Target ID. Press the two right button together to get the T.ID full screen!

  • 12 installed factory programs + 12 users

  • Wide and precise discrimination range

  • Multiple dynamic audio options: PWM, SQUARE, and more to come

  • Audio Response, Iron volume, Notch, Reactivity, Threshold with Audio frequency adjustable + many expert functions

  • Ground Grabbing

  • Motion and non-motion modes (pinpoint)

  • Fast Frequency Scan (EMI noise cancel in just 2 sec in Auto mode)

  • Control the headphone volume levels via the WS6 module

  • Wireless Headphones auto power On and Off

  • 4 Band Equalizer configurable on the WS6 module. Also works with the WSA II and WSA II-XL

  • More settings to come with the following updates

General features

  • XP Wireless Protocol (10 times faster than low latency Bluetooth) between the coil, the WS6 module, and the headphones (+ the optional wireless Pinpointer MI6)

  • The lightest detector in the world: from 750gr

  • Rainproof WS6 module

  • Waterproof coil 22.5cm (9’’) – 28cm

  • wireless headphone - WS6 

  • WS6 is rain proof, light and foldable with a clear graphic screen (82gr)

  • USB software updates for WS6, WSA II and WSA II-XL

  • High performance lithium batteries (2-year warranty)

  • Battery life: Headphones 12 hours - Coil up to 20 hours depending on programs and frequencies (see user guide)

  • Quickly charge all 3 units in 3 hours

  • 5 Year warranty and designed to last

  • Made in france

  • Pending patents


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