Minelab Pro Swing 45.

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Designed for ultimate convenience and functionality. Minelab’s innovative W8 distribution system and specialist features allow you to spend more time in the field, detecting with ease.

  • W8 TECHNOLOGY - Increase your detecting time with the PRO-SWING 45 featuring Minelab’s innovative W8 distribution system.

  • 8+8 VERSATILITY - Custom fit your harness through 8 adjustment points and attach other detecting equipment in 8 separate places.
  • QUICK RELEASE R-CLIP - Easily switch between detecting and digging at the flick of a clip. Clip on to engage W8 technology and clip off for fuss free digging.
  • SIMPLE BUNGY ADJUSTMENT -One handed operation to quickly adjust detector distance. Ensure correct detecting posture for increased comfort in the field.
  • SUITS ANY DETECTOR - Universal S-cuff attachable to any detector - one size fits all. Simple velcro design allows instant portability.
  • LEFT & RIGHT CAPABILITY - Suitable for both left and right handed users with a simple click in J-strut. Follow the easy to assemble instructions for your preference.
  •  PADDED BACK CUSHION- Ultimate comfort and improved ventilation from the extra wide strap and additional padding.


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