Garrett AT Gold

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 The AT Gold metal detector is built to withstand dust, dirt, and being submerged to 10 feet. Let nothing stand in the way of your golden pursuit!

  • Waterproof to 10 feet / 3m

  • 18 kHz, adjustable

  • 5” x 8” DD PROformance coil

  • 2.8 lbs (1.27 kgs)

  • True all metal mode

  • 3 search modes  all Pro Audio

  • Fast track ground balance

  • Adjustable threshold

  • 3 year factory warranty

  • MS-2 Headphones included



TRUE ALL METAL MODE - Detects all types of metal and provides the greatest possible detection depth and sensitivity.

ALL METAL IRON AUDIO™ - Garrett exclusive feature that audibly identifies discriminated iron while operating in a True All-Metal Mode (also available in the three Discrim Modes).

GRAPHIC TARGET ANALYZING - Simultaneously shows a treasure target’s conductivity and the detector’s discrimination pattern.

GROUND BALANCE (MANUAL) - Allows user to manually adjust the detector’s ground balance to reduce the detrimental effects of ground mineralization.

GROUND BALANCE WINDOW - Garrett exclusive feature that allows user to “spread” the ground balance setting to reduce the response to subtle ground variations.

FAST TRACK GROUND BALANCE - Automatic feature that allows the user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized soil conditions.

HIGH-RES IRON DISCRIM - 44 levels of iron discrimination provide the fine resolution needed to separate a good target from iron trash

ADJUSTABLE THRESHOLD - Allows user to manually adjust the audio threshold (constant background sound or “hum”) to better hear targets.
DIGITAL TARGET ID - Numeric identification scale from 0 to 99. Identifies a target metal’s conductivity.

ELECTRONIC PINPOINTING - This non-motion All-Metal Mode function is used to precisely locate a detected target’s position.