Minelab Safari

Minelab Safari

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The SAFARI is an easy to use mid-level coin & treasure detector with enhanced multi-frequency technology and discrimination. This detector is great for high performance treasure hunting.

  • Coin; Coin/Jewelery; Relic and All Metal. Each individual mode contains the optimum settings for identifying the characteristics of your preferred targets, allowing you to maximize your time in the field.


  • Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators for more accurate detection u2013 press the pinpoint button and watch the Safari zone-in on the precise location of that precious target.

  • TRASH DENSITY - High ensures fewer false signals experienced in typical coin and relic environments so you donu2019t waste time digging for junk, while low is ideal for clean sites to make sure you donu2019t miss anything.

  • TARGET VOLUME ADJUST - Adapts target signal volume to suit user preference.

  • NOISE CANCEL - Automatically selects the quietest, most stable channel for detecting.

  • 3.6lbs

  • Warranty - 3 years control box & coil.