We know you have a ton of different choices on where to buy your metal detecting gear.  We like to do things a bit different from our competitors.  We believe that getting you the best product at the best price is just the beginning of our relationship.  Outlined below are our promises to you. 

No Junk Bundles

We will never advertise bundles that include "Junk Accessories" that we would not use ourselves.  I have been metal detecting for 27 years and have had very bad experiences with these products breaking in the field.  Nothing is worse then being super excited to finally get out and go detecting but it be hampered by a broken accessory that you counted on.  We could easily import a ton of generic bags, shovels, and carry cases and bundle them with my metal detectors to make it look like you are getting a ton of value with your purchase.  The truth is these imported accessories are cheap and free for a reason.  

Lowest Prices Allowed

Our contract with all the major metal detecting manufactures require us to advertise and sell no lower then "MAP" or "Minimum advertised price".  What we do to make up for this is offer benefits outside of the actual price.  We are required to pay sales tax in some states that we sell in but we include sales tax in our prices and pay them for you.  We offer free shipping on all orders of $99.99 or more.  When you look at the whole price including sales tax and shipping we are cheaper for the same product then AMAZON, EBAY, and Similar dealers. 

Free Shipping for Life on All Metal Detectors

We want your experience to be absolutely flawless and part of that is a piece of mind that if your Metal Detector you purchased from Metaldetectingshop.com is ever defective we want to help.  Most if not all major manufacturers require the consumer to pay for shipping to a service center for a repair.  Our promise to you is if you ever have to pay for domestic shipping to have warranty work done on a metal detector you purchased from Metaldetectingshop.com we will reimburse you for the shipping charge. This offer is only valid for Metal Detectors purchased from Metaldetectingshop.com that are covered under the manufactures warranty.  Reimbursement is for UPS ground service or similar only.  We do not cover overnight shipping, 2 day, or any enhanced shipping.  Coverage is for USA domestic shipping only.  Please contact us at customersupport@Metaldetectingshop.com before shipping to service to be eligible.